Every time we are out of Pune, we miss this city very much. We just wait for the moment to be back in the city, to be with friends & family, to feel the breath of this city. Loving a city is not something that we haven’t heard before. Worldwide citi-zens express their love for the city through different ways. So why not come out and express your love for the city. From this Valentine on, indulge in a different kind of love affair. Love Pune, love your city. Make it a better place to live so that every single person who comes here falls in love with the city.

The first phase of LovePUNE campaign starts with the program called as “BHAVISHYA”.

Project Bhavishya : Home for children Click here for Project Document

The Cause
Chaitanya Mahila Mandal, a registered trust, runs the Night Crèche for children in a red light area in Pune. The objective of the initiative is to keep children away from negative influence due to occupational hazards of their parent. (Drugs, abuse and many more).
Their most immediate needs are basic sustenance and Shelter. There is severe scarcity of funds and Govt allocations are too meager.

Bhavishya - What is it.

  • Conceptualized as home for children from red light areas of Pune will be a complete boarding facility to function as a facility to bring them to the mainstream.
  • Aims to provide a means to protect the children from the mentioned occupational hazards of their parent. At the same time providing for basic needs such as care, nourishment and education.
  • There will be a nominal annual fee which can be waived at the discretion of Chaitanya Mahila Mandal based on the financial condition of the parent.[Optional]
  • The parent can come over to meet their children once a week.

Actual Site -Moshi
Actual Site

Bhavishya - Why.

  • The program will provide care and nourishment to the children.
  • Safegaurding the child from all kinds of abuse.
  • Basic medical requirements vaccination, treatment will be available.
  • Schooling and guidance at a school nearby with an oppurtunity to study with mainstream.
  • A life with dignity, hygiene and assuring a better future.

Our Appeal.
Please join us and extend your help in making this dream cone true. Pledge your support and stand with us in giving India a stronger tomorrow.
You may write a cheque/DD in the favour of “LetsRISE, Pune” and deposit/mail to:

C1- 803, Prayeja City,
Vadgaon Bk, Sinhghad Road,
Pune – 411051, Maharashtra.

We shall be activating the online payment system shortly. All donations shall be provided with receipts to aid in tax exemption.

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